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Successful launch Water Test Network project


Water Test Network launched officially!                                                                                                                                      


[Brussels, December 11, 2018]The Water Test Network had its official launch at the Scotland House in Brussels, Belgium.


“How will the project deliver innovation into the water sector?” This official launch was all about answering that question and presenting the opportunities the project can provide.


The Water Test Network is a project funded by the ERDF (3.61million) as part of the Interreg North-West Europe programme. The project is a collaboration between partners across North West Europe (NWE) which will establish a transnational network of testing facilities to enable SMEs in NWE to develop, test and verify new innovative products to address the challenges faced by the water sector. Its main aim is to speed up market uptake of innovative water technologies.


The project runs from March 2018 until December 2021 and offers SMEs a fully-funded integrated package of support which will be tailored to their needs. This means for example linking them to the best possible facility for their testing/verification needs.


Barry Greig from the Scottish Government, a key supporter of the project, was key note speaker at the event which also had speakers from the EU Commission and the water sector. The event focused on the importance that innovation holds in addressing challenges in the water sector and the vital role that SMEs play in bringing innovations into the market place. During the event Scottish Water Horizons, the lead partner of the project, presented the project in detail and the delegates had the opportunity to network and get to know the project partners a little bit better.


Karen Dalgaard Sanning from the European Commission said that we need projects like the Water Test Network to overcome challenges and improve the knowledge within the water sector.


The Water Test Network project is now ready to receive applications. If you are an SME in NWE and want to make use of the transnational network of testing facilities and the accompanying services, please visit: http://www.nweurope.eu/water-test-network or follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date.


Twitter: @WaterNetwork_EU

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