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Upcoming EACP-ABROAD business missions


After a first year dedicated to fact-finding missions, the EACP-ABROAD project is proposing a new promising phase for the internationalization of SMEs.

During year 2017, EACP-ABROAD project members will organize business missions to different major global aeronautic events:

These missions will offer excellent opportunities to encounter new business partners, and to develop links with international markets.

It is time for you to be part of the EACP-ABORAD adventure and join the delegation!


USA - Norbert STEINKEMPER - Project Manager of Niedersachsen Aviation - [email protected]

Mexico – Noelia SANZ - General manager of AERA -  [email protected]

Japan –  Thilo SCHÖNFELD - Deputy Director International Affairs of Aerospace Valley - [email protected]

Canada – Anna MAAßEN – Manager international Affairs of Hamburg Aviation -  [email protected]

Dubai – Ismail OZTURK - Deputy Secretary General Eskisehir Chamber of Industry -  [email protected]

Brazil – David PRAET - Director International Relations of Skywin -  [email protected]