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Blue Sea Land Expo of Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters

28/09/2017 to 01/10/2017
historical place la Casbah
Mazara del Vallo
37° 39' 13.8168" N, 12° 35' 17.6928" E

The Fisheries and Blue Growth District also this year launches the Blue Sea Land from 28th September to 1st October, for the sixth consecutive edition in Mazara del Vallo. The great event reunites Industrial Clusters and fisheries supply chains from Sicily, from Mediterranean, Africa and Broader Middle East, aiming to enhance the gastronomic excellences and cultural peculiarities from each corner of the Earth.

Visitors will have the chance to participate in scientific meetings , B2B ,C2C , debates, cultural entertainments and performances, promoted by public and private entities, institutions and no-profit organizations.


The theme of the current edition is the Green and Blue Economy’s development aiming to the Circular Economy, by looking not only to agriculture but also to fisheries and within supply chains . In order to achieve this valuable goals the Circular Economy follows good practices: regeneration of natural resources, terrestrial and marine, economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability, innovation in production processes; individual and collective responsibility from production chain to market; creation of new expertise.

It also foster the agri-food clusters and excellence labs that representing the local economy within territories, a virtous systems, a creation of employment and safety food.