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Innovation Workshop: Photonics technologies in healthcare

Hospital Vall d´Hebron Barcelona
41° 23' 6.2304" N, 2° 10' 24.2544" E

Photonics technologies in the health sector VHIR


Doctors and medical researchers use multiple applications of photonic technologies with different objectives such as the detection of diseases, their treatment, obtaining images of the inside of our body, advanced surgery, etc. Thanks to photonic technologies, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the days of hospital stay, diagnose diseases in early stages to have more treatment options, help patients recover more quickly, and also reduce pain.

Photonics-based devices such as microscopes, tomography or endoscopy today occupy a strategic position in the field of health. Medical imaging, biosensors, laser therapies and therapeutic LEDs play a leading role in the early prevention of cancer, by using non-invasive methods and improving treatment. Photonic technologies, due to its great portability at low cost and the guarantee of sterilization that provides the light, will allow better medical care in places where they do not yet have it.

This Innovation Workshop has been designed and organised by secpho in collaboration with the Platform for Innovation in Medical and Healthcare Technologies (ITEMAS). It will be a meeting between health professionals, researchers and photonic engineers who will be able to explore their potential to create collaborative innovation projects. The hospitals that have confirmed their participation so far are: IMIM, VHIR, HOSPITAL CLINIC, HOSPITAL DE SANT PAU, IISPV, IDIBGi and CHV.

The workshop is the final step of a programme, defined below:

  • 01 April | Presentation session of the program to explain the objectives and dynamics to health professionals. Presentation of the state of the art of the different photonic technologies.
  • 01 – 30 September | Process of accompaniment of the healthcare professional for the definition of the challenge of technological innovation and focus of his idea.
  • 9 October | Workshop in which health professionals and optical engineers meet to set up collaborative innovation projects. 4 thematic areas according to the interests of health professionals. Discussion sessions.


To detect opportunities for innovation in the health technologies sector through photonic technologies. To this end, synergies between the two sectors will be exploited in a dynamic environment that stimulates the generation of collaborative innovation projects between the participating entities: companies, knowledge centres and hospitals.

Target Group

Health professionals, mainly doctors and researchers from research and transfer units, Technical Directors, R&D and Innovation of entities in the sector of health technologies and photonic technologies, who want to launch entrepreneurial innovation projects to carry out new ideas that include the use of photonic technologies (sensors, lasers, advanced lighting, etc.) for their application to diagnosis and treatment or management and logistics activities in the health field.


The topics to be discussed will be defined by health professionals interested in participating and will constitute the technological challenges that will soon be announced in the agenda. It is expected that during the workshop challenges will be dealt with topics as different as: sensors for in vitro diagnosis, medical imaging and simulation for image diagnosis, biomechanics, tissue engineering and 3D printing, safety in transport and handling of organs, etc..


09:45h Reception and registration of assistants
10:00h Welcome
10:15h Start of the Workshop and Presentation of the participants, the Workshop and its objectives, the topics to be discussed and the methodology we will follow
10:10h Elevator Pitch
10:30h CHALLENGE 1 | TBC
11:15h Coffee Break – Networking
11:45h CHALLENGE 2 | TBC
12:30h CHALLENGE 3 | TBC
13:15h CHALLENGE 4 | TBC
14:00h Networking lunch
15:15h B2B meetings
16:30h End of the workshop


If you are interested in attending the event, please click here to sign up. Places are limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. We look forward to seeing you!