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"Life is Science"

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European Researchers' Night "Life is Science"
Friday, November 27, 2020
8:00 to 22:00 - online event
(content will be mainly in German, only parts of it is available in English)
The European Researchers' Night "Life is Science" is funded by an EU-MSCA-NIGHT project and is an online event that will bring thousands of interested people (from kindergarten children to pensioners) closer to scientific research in the field of life sciences with a focus on 'renewable resources', 'food' and 'health'.

Where do I encounter science in my everyday life? What does the work of researchers look like? And how does a new discovery become a new product or a new process?
You too have probably been in contact with biotechnology in one way or another. Find out where our topics in science and your everyday life meet! At our "Life is Science" event we will explore these questions.

There will be many live events on Nov. 27th, but also recorded videos, experiments for children, science shows, workshops, quizzes for smart foxes, lectures and challenges: https://www.lifeisscience.at