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The main asset of a cluster organisation: its people. Do you want to know more what people say about ECCP? While they meet and explore cooperation opportunities during cluster matchmaking events organised by the ECCP? Maybe you want to see what the community says about our activities? Or simply look at the exposure ECCP got on external media? Just click on the button of your interest!


Pieter de Jong, EU Representative, Wetsus & Water Campus, Netherlands
ESCP-4i: EnW


Veronica Elena Bocci, Coordinator DITECFER District for Rail Technologies, High Speed, Networks' Safety & Security, Italy


Why and how started 2 Cluster Excellence projects to collaborate?

Katherina Ulrich, INNO-DROP Coordinator and Ewa Rekosz, CLUSGRID Coordinator

"The ECCP represents a gateway to the world and a powerful tool for developing international projects"

Alberto Pezzi, Director of Competitive and Clusters Strategy Division, Area of Business Development, ACCIÓ | Government of Catalonia

"You should register on ECCP to be up there, to share your information about your Cluster and to find knowledge about other Clusters"

Merete Daniel Nielsen, Director, Cluster Excellence Denmark

"We consider the ECCP as a very important tool for internationalisation of Cluster organisations."

Pavla Bruskova, President, National Cluster Association of the Czech Republic (NCA)

"The ECCP is the one-stop shop for all clusters managers of the world to gather online, exchange good pratices, to gain international visibility and to find partners for collaboration projects."

Emma Vendrell, Head of International Projects Clusters Unit - ACCIÓ | Government of Catalonia

"Without the European Cluster Collaboration Platform it would be a “game of hazard “ to find or not the right partner to participate in future business cooperation."

Alexandra Stoica, Cluster Manager - Transylvania Energy Cluster – TREC

"The big advantage to have the ECCP platform is that it’s a one-stop-solution, so you can go to only one place and have all the information at hand."

Peter Simkens, DSP Valley - Belgium

"The ECCP has become a very useful way to give more visibility to our activities and our projects."

José Ignacio Hormaeche, Cluster Manager - Basque Energy Cluster

"At NEPIC we use the ECCP as part of our international marketing of our capabilities, but also to show the type of projects we get involved with - in order to find some partners and share good ideas."

Stan Higgins, North East England Process Industry Cluster (Nepic) - United Kingdom

The new cluster collaboration Platform promises to be a very interesting and useful tool for the day-to-day work of a cluster manager. It will help us to present our products and services and companies...

Christiane Egger, Oekoenergie-Cluster, AUSTRIA



"Business today in globally connected industrial economies is all about relationships; so being able to demonstrate our relationship with complementary expertise across Europe is a crucial ingredient."

Jonathan Williams, Marine South East - United Kingdom