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Biobased Barcamp

We aim to create opportunities for the bioeconomy community at our Biobased Barcamp in Potsdam on 11 and 12 April 2019. Topics for discussion will focus on: the biobased economy, resource efficiency, value from waste, re-use of side streams, circular value creation, blue growth, green products, costs and, the benefits of economic transformation. With our Biobased Barcamp, we provide an open space for the regional and international bioeconomy community to discuss ideas, projects, issues, challenges and vision.

In 2019, instead of organising a conference as we did before, we have chosen to host a Barcamp to bring interested parties together. This time it is up to participants which themes to set, topics to discuss and questions to raise. Our goal is to connect participants from different sectors, clusters and regions so that they can cooperate, innovate and create value for new biobased value chains.

  • Name of the organiser: Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH, host and home of regional clusters (Food Industry Brandenburg, Plastics and Chemistry Brandenburg, Health Capital Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Language of the event: English
  • Expected number of participants: 120
  • Event website: https://biobased2019.b2match.io/
  • Networking options provided by the event: Matchmaking sessions, Pitching sessions, Participatory sessions
  • Themes of the event: Industrial modernisation, Innovation and creativity, Resource efficiency/ Eco-innovation/ Circular economy, Smart specialisation, Cross-sectoral collaboration, Inter-regional EU collaboration
  • Social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Others):

Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg @WFBBrandenburg

Cluster Ernährungswirtschaft @Cluster ErWi


For more information please contact:

Ms. Christin Wienhold

Project Manager Cluster Internationalisation

[email protected]

+49 331 730 61 314



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