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Congress COMET - 6-7 February 2019 - Cosmetic Measurement & Testing

The 3th International Congress on cosmetic measurement & testing brings together world leading researchers and equipment manufacturers in tests, measurement, and objectiveness of product-skin and hair interactions or analysis of effects Laser NDE/T, Photonics, electromagnetics and mechanical interactions.

This symposium is dedicated to latest scientific results, methodological and technological advancements, and applications of Multiphysics and multi-scales tests for effectiveness and safety products monitoring.

Cosmetics and personal care products play an important role in protecting skin and hair and are essential for expressing one's image and personality. The main issues and innovations aim to explore this year non-destructive testing methods for skin care products : from ingredient testing to online consumer testing. From the initial supply of raw materials to consumer use and disposal, measurement & testing have an impact on improving the efficiency and durability of cosmetic products and their personalization.


1- From raw materials to finished products : what are the new assessment and evaluation methods, from ingredients to finished products ? #delivery #bioavailability, #quality #integrity #encapsulation

2- Skin-product-environment interactions : alternative techniques and tools. How new efficacy and safety in-vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo skin models enable detection and characterization of particles in tissues ? #microbiota #pollution #absorption  #communication #environmentalmonitoring #ecodesign.

3- Instrumentation and sensory evaluation : from physical measurement to cognitive science, how to optimize the product at early stages, before panel tests ? #perception #product-skin interactions #sensoryanalysis, #emotion #appearance #texture #rheology #sensory metrology #electronic nose/finger 

4- Smart and connected beauty tools for customization : how to fit the consumer’s expectations of customization and nomadic way of life ? #embedded sensors #applications #digital #artificial intelligence #biometrics #virtualreality #augmentedreality #virtualdiagnosis #bigdata #IOT


  • Event website: https://comet.sciencesconf.org
  • Language(s) of the event: English
  • Expected number of participants: 200
  • Networking options: pitching sessions
  • Theme of the event: Cosmetic measurement testing
  • Cluster organisation(s) involved in the organisation of the event: Cosmetic Valley  


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