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Research paper on cluster manager internationalisation skills and keys for success in managing and promoting pan-European Strategic Cluster Partnerships

This research paper presents an overview of the activities and results of the Six Pilot projects for Cluster internationalization funded by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission under the CIP programme (WIINTech, REINA, Textile2020, EU4SportsClusters, bioXclusters, Feeding the Planet). It also includes some information regarding the developments of the thirteen European Strategic Cluster Partnerships Partnership (ESCP) launched in 2013. It concludes by setting out some recommendations for the management and promotion of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships and for future cluster internationalisation projects that might be supported under the COSME programme.

inno TSD (and their expert JN. Durvy) was commissioned on 10 July by the ECCP platform animator Clusterland on behalf of DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission to undertake a study on the results and experiences of these cluster internationalisation projects (ESCP). The aims of the study were to examine the results of the projects, but in particular to focus on the range management skills and communication tools that are required for their successful implementation and the key lessons for future ESCP type projects.


The first results of this paper were presented during a workshop held during the 4th edition of the European Cluster Conference in Brussels on the 20-21st October 2014.


For more information download the Research Paper.


This was the Cluster Academy 2014

How to build up and manage successfully cluster organizations

By the second time, the Cluster Academy could be established as one module of a Europe wide training course ("Train the Trainers") for people interested in cluster management under the lead of IESE Business School (University of Navarra). The overall training lasts for about six to eight months.

All in all 59 participants such as cluster managers and ministry staff from all over Europe and even beyond (Russia and Trinidad and Tobago) joined the Academy.



Participants following the overall curricula or just the module in Linz were trained in a very interactive manner on the cluster management model of Clusterland Upper Austria which also included a case study and a site visit at the premises of our committed partner RIC GmbH & BRP-Powertrain GmbH & CoKG.



On November 24th half day training has been provided by trainers exclusively for people following the whole "Train the Trainers" curricula.



To secure sustainability and also a long lasting benefit for all participants and for Clusterland as well, participants had the opportunity to book individual meetings with the cluster managers of Clusterland (C2C) to discuss joint project ideas (November 28th).



Based on the very positive feedback received, we plan to keep the format in a similar way in the upcoming year.




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