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European Alliance Against Coronavirus: Daily webinars

Within the European Alliance Against Coronavirus initiative, the European Cluster Alliance (ECA) is hosting webinars every day. These are open to public an revolve around pertinent issues for clusters during the Coronavirus crisis.

This is the current shedule for meetings of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus:

  • Tuesday 7/7 8:30 CET
    Activities and opportunities of cooperation with chemical regions of the S3P industrial partnership

  • Wednesday 8/7 8:30 CET
    Cybersecurity in times of COVID-19

  • Thursday 9/7 8:30 CET
    Shared value through clusters

  • Friday 10/7 8:30 CET
    Towards a European Pact for Skills

  • Saturday 11/7 9:00 CET
    Recap of the week and next improvements to apply

This schedule is flexible. We can switch topics depending on new priorities. 

All our videoconferences are held using the same link, it doesn’t change:


The links to the previous meetings are here.

If you want to be included in the mailing list of this group please write to nina.hoppmann[at]idia.email



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